Learning Technology Tool Selection

Selecting the right technology to support your learning needs is a crucial part of creating an effective culture of learning.  Working with RWL Tech, LLC will ensure that appropriate tools are matched to the type of learning that is best supported by the tool.  

This short tutorial outlines the various types of elements make up a learning ecosystem. Once you understand all the different types of tools that support learning, we will work with you to dig deeper and analyze your requirements to select the right tool for the job.  

Once a decision is made about the appropriate selection of technology to support your learning strategy, matching the delivery type that best supports the pedagogical model that facilitates effective learning is essential.

Review a description of all the different types of delivery methods and what aspects of neuroscience support each delivery method.  

We at RWL Tech, LLC can also provide support to ensure that you engage your learners with the most effective learning strategies.  

Reach out to us on our Contact page for more tools and details about improving the quality of your learning program and maximizing your ROI.  

LMS  Selection Tool