RWL Tech, LLC, the author of SMART Solutions for Learning, has worked with many organizations to create a culture of learning.  Each organization's solution looks a bit different, as you might guess.  Read summaries below of some of our projects. 

Logan County Electrical Co-Op            

Designing a learning platform (using Moodle)  that supports the concept of “Creating a Culture of Learning” for electrical cooperatives throughout the USA and Canada.  The platform supports both formal and informal learning as well as providing social learning opportunities.  The social learning platform (Mahara) gives cooperative across the country the opportunity to participate in communities of practice and share knowledge and experiences across the industry.  It incorporates both technology-based and offline learning targeted at organizational objectives and improved performance.  Specific measurements are constantly being defined to maximum ROI/ROV. 

ADL Cohort  

The xAPI Design Cohort was a 14-week collaborative experience supported by ADL. Over a period of 14 weeks, participants worked in teams using xAPI to tackle a variety of learning and performance problems.   xAPI provides a tracking mechanism to measure the success of informal learning experiences and gather valuable data to monitor learning across many different platforms.                         


D2L was committed to providing more than just an LMS to their customer base.  They wanted learning to be a central tenant of the company strategy at each organization they served.  As a Learning Consultant, in partnership with D2L, we designed and developed learning strategy templates along with ROI measurement studies templates for their customers. 

Sun Edison  

We designed and developed an instructor-led course with supporting e-learning and videos to introduce a change management/leadership program to the Sun Edison management team. The objective was to embed learning into the culture of their organization.  They did this by implementing an action learning program that required participants to complete a year-long project to qualify for Green Belt status.  Green Belt status was required to move into management at Sun Edison.  

Seton Home School      

We conducted due diligence for selection of D2L/Brightspace LMS and began the implementation phase.  We conducted Articulate Storyline and Creative by Design training. Creative by Design is the platform used to learn how to create more engaging online learning experiences. 

Touchstone Energy

We designed, delivered and implemented a social and learning program. Touchstone Energy is a membership organization with 741 electrical coops and 60,000 potential learners.  They purchased the INXPO/Oracle virtual portal.  INXPO is a social learning platform with learning management support provided by Oracle. ERP integration along with numerous hierarchy configurations were developed and implemented.  There were roughly 500 different domains.  There were four primary phases included in the implementation plan.  Due to the limitations of the Oracle system, a requirement to develop a custom on the job learning program was developed along with a conference registration template. 

Conducted Articulate Storyline and Creative by Design training. Creative by Design is a workshop offered by RWL Tech, LLC to enable learning professionals to create learning experiences that yield change. 

Mental Training, Inc.               

We designed and developed a cognitive improvement program (mental training) for high performing athletes.  This includes, but is not limited to a mental training program for athletes, coaches, and parents.  We also created an online gaming platform to host interactive games to improve mental cognition.  This program, at its highest level, will work with bio-feedback devices to track mental cognition improvement. 

Currently developing a white label application based on MentalApp that supports people with mental health issues in overcoming brain-based issues and living happy and productive lives. 

Past 2008-2013

Designed didactic learning in addition to scenarios for 6 hours of online learning in a gaming environment for KPMG.  KPMG Managers were required to learn new reporting standards.  They currently audit according to US GAAP and in the future, they will be required to change their processes to adhere to IFRS worldwide accounting practices.  This six-module training was designed to give them didactic learning regarding terminology, background and history.  In addition, the modules were structured to present the learner with scenarios from a virtual company that would allow the learner to complete an audit using the new standards.This was a 1.5 million dollar project. 

Designed and developed interactive instructor-led courses that support the military Transition Assistance Program in transitioning military personnel to civilian life.  Rather than a standard presentation approach, the requirement was to make the program task-based where the learner was directed to complete job hunting activities like writing a resume, participating in interviews, managing stress, etc. in a formal learning environment. 

Researched and wrote a Performance Enhancement Analysis for the Defense Security Services Academy. DSSA was seeking solutions to improve performance with the clients they served.  They wanted to find ways to support learning and job skills outside the training environment.   Also researched and wrote a Virtual Environment Analysis on the use of Virtual Environments for training.  Team Carney contracted to build a Virtual Training Environment for DSSA.  The analysis was conducted to explore the expansion of the environment for conducting performance-based assessments as well as practical, hands-on exercises. 

Conducted Needs Analysis and Courseware Design for two separate courseware revisions for the Federal Aviation Administration regarding their new On the Job Learning program. This project involved the development of a complete Front End Analysis, Administration Guide, Marketing Strategy, Design and Delivery Strategies and Kirkpatrick's Level 4 and 5 Evaluation plan.   Utilized Sharepoint to access, organize and deliver courses and documents.

Conducted a need analysis with several focus groups to redesign a learning program for refrigerated warehouse members.  The focus was on bringing their learning online and those requirements, the needs of their clients, the ROI and how to structure to set up and deliver the new learning program.  There were approximately 18,000 potential learners and 650 sites that were going to utilize the new learning program. Financially it was structured so the membership was charged a nominal fee to cover the cost of implementation and development the first year and then funds from the ensuing years would maintain, update and add additional coursework.  This program was designed to generate funding to set up and maintain the new training department that was created as a result of this project.

Designed storyboards for several online courses for Shell Oil and their Waste Hazard Management and Journey Management programs. Also created tutorials that outlined the operation and maintenance of drilling equipment.

Developed a Needs Analysis and Learning Plan for a diversity training program for Shell’s Human Resources department. 

Configured a Moodle site for the implementation of a leadership training program for Shell’s management team.

Utilized Sharepoint to access, organize and deliver courses and documents.

Designed and developed an online game for 6th through 12th-grade students with MetaMedia. The game prepared them for higher education and career opportunities. The program was a series of mini-lessons and activities that taught the students about the importance of good grades, planning school schedules to support future goals, in addition to fulfilling college admission requirements.

Designed and developed an instructor-led, interactive simulation for sales staff at Swift Media.  General activities, as well as simulation-based case studies, were designed and delivered.