Change is Not Optional

As change becomes the new normal in business, the only real way to keep pace with it, is to create an environment where your team values learning and see it as a daily practice, designed specifically to achieve organizational goals as well as their own goals.

My own small business has gone through consistent change in the last 30 years. I started writing learning programs for assistive technology in the early 1990's. We then evolved into writing corporate training and started hosting learning in learning management systems. Online learning exploded during that time but even that has evolved into online simulations, games, micro-learning, knowledge management, etc. The one constant is CHANGE!

"Scalable learning is the new reason for large organizations to exist."

John Hagel, Founder for Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation

So how do you create the environment that fosters that passion for learning, change, and growth? There is a lot to do to make it happen... but here is where it can start.

Create Culture of Learning